Sunday, May 27, 2012

Very Basic Kusudama Bouquet

 Materials: 1/2 inch Floral Stem Wrap Tape, 24 Stemed Kusudama Flowers

Here's my first attempt at creating a bouquet that will be used in a wedding.  This particular bouquet will eventually be the property of my beautiful niece.  I decided to start with this one because it is the smallest bouquet that I will be assembling and therefore I felt that it would be the easiest.

For information on how I stemed my Kusudama flowers, please check out this previous blog entry.

To start I took 3 flowers that will be the center of the bouquet and arranged them the best I could as I wanted them to appear in the final bouquet.

With the floral stem tape, I started wrapping it around the 3 stems.  After having it secured tightly, I added 3 more flowers and wrapped the stems again.  I went back a forth between adding 3-4 flowers at a time to wrapping the stems until I had all the flowers in the bouquet that I wanted.

Once completed, I had about 4 inches on the stems of the flowers that was wrapped.  I may have not needed to wrap that much but my fear was that while I was wrapping that I would end up with a thick area of the stem because of the tape.  Fortunately the tape was thin that it wasn't going to be a problem.

The next step will be adding some filler in with the flowers and trimming off the excess stems.  Then I'll make sure to wrap some ribbon around the stems.

As I continue to learn and make progress with making the Kusudama bridal bouquets, I'll be posting additional tutorials as well as the final product.

Click here for the Completed Kusudama Bridal Bouquets from my sister's wedding.
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