Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Brodie's Plate

UPDATED: 24 January 2012

I decided that after doing the birth plates for my babies that Brodie's plate needed a little something else.  So, I used the black to outline the letters in tan and added the paw prints on the sides.  MUCH happier with how it turned out!!

Original Post: 15 January 2012

While I'm not so patiently waiting on materials that I ordered to make birth plates for my babies, I had this wonderful idea:  I needed a plate for my beautiful furry four-legged baby!!

I had already decided on images for by babies plates but I wasn't sure what image I would want on Brodie's.  Then it occured to me that I could take the same simple idea of the pics for my babies plates and apply it to an actual picture!!

I'm very happy with the results and Brodie's plate with be proudly hung next to the babies plates.

Machine Used: Boss Kut Gazelle
Software: Funtime Scrapbooking III
Materials: 8.5" plain white plate, vinyl



Thanks for looking!!

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