Tuesday, June 17, 2014

My Children's Space - Learning the Weather

Materials: Regular computer paper, Xyron 900 Laminate/Magnet Refill Cartridge

With my daughter starting kindergarten next year and my son going into a pre-school, I've decided to help give them a head start by working on things that they are going to need.  So as we enjoy this summer, we will be using what is around us and the things we are doing to help those little lessons.  The goal is to make this fun so that they have no idea what that they're learning.  :o)

For this exercise I wanted to be able to incorporate several aspects of learning.  Using a 3 day system (yesterday, today, and tomorrow) my goal is to give them a better understanding of time without stretching too far into the week (we'll do that when I get to making the calendar).  It also gives us the opportunity to learn "what happened yesterday" and what the weather looks like today.  Then together, we look at the forecasted weather for tomorrow.

So far both my kiddos have enjoyed doing this and I'VE had to remember to moved the weather symbols YESTERDAY so that each get a chance to try it.

To create my chart and weather symbols I used Publisher.  I will be making these available for download just as soon as I get the hosting site set up and the chart exported as a PDF (hopefully this week 6/17/14).

After creating everything I needed, I printed it all out on regular 20# computer paper.  I ran each sheet through my Xyron 900 laminating machine using the Laminate/Magnet Refill Cartridge.  Then cut everything down to the size.  The chart is 9" x 6" and the weather symbols are 2.5" x 2.5."

I'm also in the process of making some worksheets that will help with writing their letters and spelling words that correspond to weather.  I will also share those just as soon as I've finished creating them.

I was inspired to create all of these by doing research on things for the kiddos and I to do this summer that would help them in the coming school year.  One of my favorite sites and that I frequent is Confessions of a Homeschooler.  Be sure to check out her site and take full advantage of the items she has made available!  I have EVERY intention of purchasing her Road Trip USA.

Thanks for looking!!
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